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Proprietary Technology


Over the past couple of years, we have been enthusiastically investing time and money in the development of technological systems and tools that can improve and enhance our services and capabilities, as well as to assist us in mitigating mistakes and costly errors, while being able to assist our customers better, faster and with increasing quality.

Wether it be a single residential apartment, an office unit or thousands of properties at once, our proprietary technology allows us to provide our customers with unparalleled service levels.

Our proprietary technology capabilities include:


  • Automated Valuation Model

  • Appraisal Management Software

  • Site Inspection App

We strongly believe we are redefining the real estate finance industry by providing faster, better quality professional services. As a professional services provider, we rely on our Teams qualifications and capabilities to serve our clients with independent, reliable and unbiased opinions. We do not sell, lease or manage any properties.

Our proprietary technology increases our competitive edge by eliminating redundancies, mitigating risks and errors, while helping us in consolidate our trademarks availability, reliability, consistency and punctuality.

To know more about the technology we have developed, please contact us.

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